Our Method

BPMC2 Architectura - Metodo

With significant experience in traditional residential, industrial and tertiary architecture, the innovation policy in the field of bioclimatic architecture and sustainability has taken BPMC2 Architectura to develop a new spatial concept for environmentally sustainable production and energy efficiency without neglecting the image businesses wish to convey of themselves and their products.

Sustainable productivity

Our complete effort is directed towards finding the balancing point between maximum productivity, respecting the business logic of profitability, and environmental sustainability of adopted productive processes, with the objective of maximizing the integration relationship between the productive building and its surroundings.

Efficiency + Control = Quality

The quality of our work depends in great measure upon the quality of the buildings we design.
To guarantee the level of quality we deem necessary, our work method provides for adopting the most advanced design methods and project control procedures during each phase of execution.

Constant Search for Innovation

We understand that many solutions can be reached by adopting innovative systems and processes.
Because of this, constant search is a core portion of our productive process for the elaboration of new systems and techniques.

Database of materials and techniques

In order to properly address the varied challenges unique to each project, we have built and manage a database of materials and technologies that we find coherent with our objectives and the types of projects we carry out.