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BPMC2 Architectura - Team

BPMC2 Architectura was founded as a business in 2010, born from the union of the experience and the fusion of the activities of architects Belén Pallarés (Spain) and Mario Caruso (Italy).

They form part of the operating team of a group of professionals, whose considerable experience in each in their fields of specialty, and the reciprocal knowledge deriving from years of collaboration, constitute the executive force in the management and control of constructive processes.

Belén Pallarés Navarro
(1972 - Spain - Architect)

BPMC2 Architectura - Belén Pallarés Navarro

Since 1999 Belén has dedicated herself to project development and construction manager in both public and private projects, structures in the public interest, in the residential, industrial and service sectors. She takes special care in each phase of the project development and the building construction, with maximum attention paid to the optimization and respect for the resources and deadlines.

Her commitment is linked to maximizing the benefits relating to the project execution, respecting the demands and expectations of everybody involved.

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Mario Caruso
(1963 - Italy - Architect)

BPMC2 Architectura - Mario Caruso

Since 1990 Mario has worked on the realization of public and private building projects, those in the public interest, residential, and those related to industry and transport.

He has developed and is involved in high level consulting activities for entities and institutions of both national and international relevance.

His attention is projected upon the utilization and search for ideas, systems, materials and innovative technologies in both the project development as well as the worksite construction, and the search for new horizons and innovative solutions.

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Our collaborators

BPMC2 Architectura - Francesco AgneseFrancesco Agnese

Project, Safety and Health Development

caraRosa Fernández Ibiza

Project Editor and Construction Manager

BPMC2 Architectura - Luis Laguna SegoviaLuis Laguna Segovia
Engineer - Prevecons, S.L.

Assessment and Safety and Health Coordination.
Telecommunications Engineering


BPMC2 Architectura - Antonio Lopez Clemente Antonio López Clement
Engineer - Clement Estudio de Ingeniería

Electrical Engineering, Plumbing, Drainage and HVAC.
Project and Direction of Building Installations.

BPMC2 Architectura - Biagio LombardoBiagio Lombardo

Metallic Structure Calculations, Seismic Zones and Prefabricated Industrial Structures.
Project Development, Structure Calculations And Worksite Technical Assistance.

BPMC2 Architectura - Antonio PascualAntonio Pascual de la Cruz
Technical Architect

Project Development and Worksite Technical Assistance.

BPMC2 Architectura - Antonio RicoAntonio Rico Alberola
Engineer - aratec Ingeniería de Edificación, S.L.

Structural calculations and edification engineering.
Project Development, Structure Calculations and Worksite Technical Assistance.


BPMC2 Architectura - Arancha GarciaArancha Garcia

Plans, their assembly, Project Plan Control, Worksite and As Built.