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BPMC2 Architectura - Idee

In the day to day application of our expertise and experience, in addition to the constant process of updating and educating ourselves, which is an integral and essential portion of our work, many are the ideas that materialize, which we investigate and delve ever deeper into, confronting them with colleagues, experts from various fields, suppliers and clients.

Allow us to summarize the ideas we find at a more advanced definition level:

Material and technology database

We understand that advances in knowledge derive from research, study and experimentation.

We also think that, Darwinistically speaking, change is the foundation of the evolutionary process.

Within this context, and in the spirit of wanting to learn and investigate new solutions to adopt in a continually evolving process, we are constructing a database of products, materials and innovative and alternative technologies, to be adapted for use in our bioclimatic and sustainable architecture.

Each solution is judged based on our experience and our conviction about the advantages of its application as it relates to the demands of our clients.

We are confident about publishing and making our database accessible shortly.

Anybody encountering solutions in line with the principals of bioclimatic and sustainable architecture is welcome to inform us about them by sending an email to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Everything we find to be of value to our clients will become part of our database.