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Our commitment

BPMC2 Architectura - L'impegno

We know that our clients have much confidence in and expectations about our work, whose result the success and quality of their work in part depends.
Our work must respond to the client’s requirements, needs and expectations, who in some way remain involved in the result of our efforts.
We are conscious that our projects will have an environmental impact that is strictly linked to our professional choices. Because of this, we believe it is very important to guarantee our commitment:


The attention, professionalism, quality and care we provide in our work depends in great measure upon a well-functioning building, its costs of production and management, as well as the benefit it provides us, our client, and every person who will use it.

Our commitment entails:


  • Continuous formation > to learn about new techniques, new materials, the most advanced systems to carry out our projects, and obviously, pending legislation.
  • Constant quality control > Working with an organized and standardized production process, seeking constant improvements in the product quality.
  • Research and development and innovation > Investigation and development of new possibilities and potentialities linked to technological development and legislation evolution.

With our client

Understanding the client’s necessities and possibilities, in terms of objectives, image, cost and time is the foundation of our services.
We are a business and we operate as such; we strive to understand the needs of our clients, which is the sought after and expected result.

Because of this we guarantee:

  • Respect for time and resources > Controlling and managing the building production process correctly, respecting the indications of time and budget.
  • Image coordination > Adapting the image of productive buildings coherently with the product communication program and the company philosophy.
  • Post-sale assistance > a guarantee of technical assistance subsequent to the worksite completion, free in the case of errors, and under the finest conditions in case of new requests.

Toward the environment

Our choices are strictly conditioned toward the environmental characteristics of the worksite location.
Fundamentally, we strive for a complete effort, along with our clients, towards conscientious decisions with a keen eye upon the control of the building life cycle and its materials.

Our obligations:


  • Control over the life cycle > Adopting technologies and materials whose characteristics and the impact resulting from their production, utilization and elimination are possible to learn and control.
  • Respect the location > Paying attention to the peculiarities of the location, searching for maximum environmental compatibility, and using the available natural resources in an optimal fashion.
  • Reducing the necessities > Employing design measures to reduce the necessary resources in the production, management and maintenance of the building.