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Our Certification and quality

BPMC2 Architectura - Qualificazione

To complement the procedure introduced in our production system, we feel it is coherent and opportune to put ourselves in motion to acquire the specific ratings and certifications for our sector of activity, as a further guarantee of our level of attention and professionalism.

ISO 10005 > Quality Plan

We will publish our Quality Plan shortly, written as it refers to ISO 10005:2007. This plan will adapt to our clients as an integral part of the working contract.

The plan will indicate:

  • Those responsible for executing the contract.
  • The control process (project, execution, assistance).
  • The control of the resources and of the possible sub contraction involved.
  • The management of possible contractual irregularities and their systematic resolution.
ISO 100006 > Project quality

Our projects are written according to a concise operating program, adhering to our Project quality plan, written in reference to ISO 10006:2003.

The project realization plan is the first document adapted to our clients, who can learn and follow all phases of our work with full knowledge of the facts.

ISO 9001 > System quality

Our entire productive process is regulated by a system of internal controls for the realization of different production phases and quality control.

As our production process and control is suited to the certification requirements, we are taking the necessary steps to acquire ISO 9001:2008 official certification.

LEED AP > Accredited professional

We understand that maximum attention must always be paid during the entire project process and worksite construction, as well as upon the factors that contribute in the use of energy and raw materials. The objective for this is to reduce the environmental impact to a minimum resulting from the construction and use of a building.

We believe the buildings we project are able to acquire LEED Certification. For this, the professionals on our team are preparing themselves to acquire the LEED AP–Accredited Professional Certification to guarantee that each moment of the project phase is in line with LEED building Certification.

Green Building Councils

With the goal of being able to supply our contribution to the search, development and diffusion of systems and solutions for environmentally sustainable projects, BPMC2 Architecture is planning on joining thel US Green Building Council, Green Building Council Italia (Italy) and the Green Building Council España (Spain).